The company’s CVP is: “Exceptional Quality through Service and Support”


Our Guiding Principles

Rawlings Networks & Systems (Private) Limited strives to:

  1. Be exceptional direct marketers and exceptional Telecommunications merchants: – Offer exceptional IT packages, services and support to IT consumers and users in Africa through the convenience of catalog and web-enabled marketing, yet serve each customer or client one at a time.
  2. Offer only exceptional telecommunications services that are priced to represent honest value: – packages and products those we, at Rawlings Networks & Systems (Pvt) Ltd, would be proud to take home ourselves.
  3. Offer only exceptional customer care and service: – knowledgeable and responsive, care that we would appreciate ourselves.
  4. Offer on exceptional delivery: – accurate and speedy, delivery we would expect to our own doorsteps.
  5. Hold ourselves to only the highest business standards: – demand the best of ourselves. Build our business based on long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with our customers, our co-workers, our business partners, our communities, and our environment.